Monday, October 5, 2009

DIY WordArt

As you can see to the right <----- Over there. I love to read many other decorating blogs. One of my favorite is Katie from Bower Power. She has given me lots of inspiration to make my own versions of her DIY art. One of my art and crafts projects was a version of WordArt that describes a special place for me. Katie made two different word arts that pull from the two states that she and her hubby are originally from, New Jersey and Tennessee.

Aren't they cool looking! I thought that they were so neat, and I figured they were pretty easy to make. I decided to try my nack at making one, but I wanted it to represent a special place to both Ben & I. I picked Manhattan,KS , where Ben and I met while attending K-State. I broke out the Microsoft Word and used my skills that I learned from writing a million lab reports back in the day. Here is how it came out...

It as definitely harder then I thought it would be to come up with that many places/things to fill up that small of a space.

While I wasn't doing homework we were able to enjoy some of these hot spots in the area. It also includes streets that we lived on, the highways that let you get into the valley, and even state facts. I decided to put this modern piece in our basement on our sofa table. What do you think?

I wanted to give everybody a little preview of a BIG future project that we just picked up.

This is our new poker/game/bumper pool table! We picked this baby up off of craigslist. We've had this empty space for quite some time waiting for an affordable option to come along. This might be a little bit before you see the finished product. I'm still debating on how I should fix it. I'll definitely be recovering the seats as they are pretty wore out, so that should be pretty interesting. It has some very cool woodwork on the top that I would like to still see, but I wanted to make it a darker cherry or espresso brown to match our tastes. I'm thinking about putting a gel stain on it to be able to still see the grain, but may have to resort to paint if I can't fix the scratches to be able to look natural. Any suggestions? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Ben said...

I really liked this word art. I like the fact that it is not just a picture on the wall, but it describes the place that we met.