Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Place

As most of you know I got married almost four months ago. I had our entire guest bedroom full of wedding and shower gifts that we had received. I guess I didn't picture that inviting that many people meant getting that many presents. I'm not complaining at all. We received some amazing things to start our lives together. We never imagined being 23 and having more than what got us through our college years. With my mom's help we were able to find a place for just about everything that we received, but I found a few more things that I was at a loss as to where I should store. So after 4 months I finally took it off of my coffee table and made something functional and pretty.

Here is our wonderful new kitchen table that we picked up from Macy's. I purchased some wicker chargers from Walmart to keep me from just dropping my junk on the table as soon as we walk in the door. For the past week it has worked great making me keep it clear. But what was the wedding present that finally found its place?

Why it was this silverware holder that we received! It made a wonderful holder for a few silverware and napkins to be at easy reach for eating dinners. And it came out to look pretty good too. Has anybody else come up with some easy centerpieces lately?

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