Thursday, September 24, 2009


Welcome to Gurtler + Home! I wanted to start this blog to showoff our wonderful new house as we learn how to make it a home. My hubby and I bought this house in November of 2008 and weren't able to do much to it since all of our time was engulfed in planning a wedding. After the honeymoon was over I could stop dreaming about our perfect day and start dreaming about how to make a perfect home. One major problem I found was that I have very EXPENSIVE tastes without the luxury of a huge wallet, so I've been breaking out my creativity that was stashed away for four years of engineering school to come up with some DIY ideas to make our house our home.

After only three months of married life here are a few things that I've learned so far...

1. Lakes come with spiders (lots of big ones)
2. Don't put paper towels in the toilet...bad things happen
3. Don't be afraid to look at things for exactly what they are. You can probably make it for half the price.

So this will definitely be a fun adventure as the hubby and I make our way through our first year of marriage and we turn our beautiful house into our home.

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