Monday, October 12, 2009

Cheap Date Night! WooHoo!

It took a while, but I finally jumped on the Twilight band wagon.

We rented Twilight over the weekend and ended up watching it TWICE. It definately had some parts that brought me back to highschool with Bella's girlfriends. But once they got past the "awkward meeting" phase and the "I'm passionately in love with you after only two dates" parts, which were hilarious by the way, it was a really good movie. It was the perfect date movie, though, and if you pick it up at Red Box it is a very cheap date night activity. I had my passionate romantic parts, although some very corny, and Ben had the crazy Vampire action. I would definately recommend it. I must admit that I watched a bunch of trailers for the next movie, The New Moon, today. I may not be there opening night, but will definately have to spend the money to go check it out on the big screen

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