Sunday, October 11, 2009

Find Some Inspiration

I have had to try to be creative with my dining room as it is big enough to have a good sized table, but no other pieces. Since I can't have a big buffet or china hutch to display colorful nic-naks I was forced to find another way to bring some color into the room.

With that in mind I found loads of inspiration perusing the internet and flipping through decorating magazines. After months of looking I finally found something that I loved and thought I could do in my own dining room.

In the middle of the mirror is a framed menu (how appropriate for a dining room, huh). I thought that it might be fun to have one of our wedding mementos displayed here. I had a few copies of our wedding menu that we had at each place setting left over and why just throw them out when I spent so much time getting the design to be perfect. So stay tuned for some future dining room decor that will hopefully look similar to this.


Anonymous said...

How do you plan on hanging the plates on the wall?

Tracie said...

I found these wonderful little plate holders at Michaels, but they have them practically anywhere. They hook around the plate, and attach to the wall just like a picture would. They're called plate holders if you go looking for them.