Friday, October 9, 2009

That's Just What We Need! More Gurtlers In This World!

From the title you might think that I'm a little jealous, but I am absolutely ECSTATIC about this crazy news! I only lasted as the newest Gurtler for almost 4 months, before they wanted to start bringing more in. I guess I gave them a good impression of what a new face would be like hanging around. After all it was 5 years before they were able to open their home to another after that first one, she must have given them a bad taste in their mouth(haha! sorry Jessie). But this time they decided to bring in one that would be able to pass on the family genes. I'd like to introduce you to the brand new Gurtler Female...

Kylie Ann Gurtler!!

This is the brand new daughter of Blake and Jessie Gurtler (Ben's very cool brother and sister-in-law), my new niece! I just have to say that this kid is going to be one gorgeous girl coming from those two good-lookin' kids. She's definitely going to be a heart breaker. I'm looking forward to giving her very noisy toys and lots of pop and candy before we send her home to mom and dad. This will definitely be a new adventure and it should be a blast. We can't wait to meet her!

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Ben said...

What a cute baby!