Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finding Our Perfect Home

We were out looking for some inspiration this weekend, and actually found our perfect home. If only it wasn't $200K out of our price range, but we definitely found something to dream about. Ben and I love to go look at homes for sale; I guess to just figure out what we like and what we dislike. That gives us a better idea of which direction to take our current lovely abode.

Our local Parade of Homes is going on, and we were able to squeeze in a few hours to peruse the housing market. We wanted to find houses that were a little above the price range of our current home, but seem to be always drawn to the biggest and best looking house on the block. I mean who isn't. We walked into a house that didn't really impress us on the outside, but once we walked in the door, imagine this is what you see...

It was gorgeous!!! We loved it right when we walked in the door. The beautiful fireplace surrounded by that rich colored wood, right along with the HUGE floor to ceiling windows on either side. This room didn't have any lights on, and this is how bright it looked. We were drawn to the kitchen next.

The different type of counter top on the island added some amazing interest, and actually had a rough edge to give it a little something more. The beautiful white cabinets didn't even seem like they took up space they were so light and airy. One of the most amazing surprises was what was behind the kitchen. Not it wasn't the garage, like most homes in this area, we went back to find out and this is what we saw...

It was a hidden staircase, a couple more bedrooms, and a bath. I just loved how the staircase wasn't the first thing that you saw when you came in the door. And look at that chic chandelier, such a modern and elegant fixture. I'm definitely starting an inspiration book for the one lucky day when we get to build our dream home. I'm definitely going to be using some of this house's inspiration towards our current home.

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Emily said...

That kitchen is fabulous, budgets schmudgets :).

Thanks for your comment - that blanket is from Bed Bath and Beyond. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=109827&RN=38