Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We're still just getting our home decorated for year round decor, so I don't have much to make our home spooktacular for the month of October. Perusing the blog world I found some really amazing and easy things that would definitely deck your home out for Halloween.

These spooky labels that I found over at Kristine McKay Designs make the ordinary jars into some very interesting displays. You never know when your going to need some bat juice or mice dust to mix up your next dinner party.

A few books with these spooky labels lying around by your stash of elixirs will seal the deal for making your house ready for Halloween. Kristine will let you download these labels at her site.

A few grapes and cauliflower put in a small votive container with some dyed water and wax beads on top make some candles that look like you have your own collection of specimen jars.

And your Halloween decked house would not be complete without a grouping of bleeding candles on your coffee table. Sherry over at Young House Love did this creepy one. Do you feel like you're in a vampire's layer? I sure do.

I hope I showed some cheap and easy ways to make your abode spooktacular. Maybe next year I will have a chance to join in on the fun.

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