Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Raining Babies! Oh Wait, It's Just A Shower

Ben and I just spent the weekend admiring the brand new addition to the family,our new niece, Kylie. I thought that it might be a good time to show a few pictures from the baby shower that Ben and I threw for Ben's brother and sister-in-law about a month ago. We decided to have a couple's shower just to have something a little different. The guys certainly were a barrel of laughs as they attempted to diaper the baby dolls. Ben's parent's were gracious enough to allow us to use their home since we don't have one of our own up were he's from. Here is pic of the diaper cake that Ben and I made for the occasion, topped with a little bunny for the little one along with all of the other presents.

The soon-to-be mother had a huge craving for sugar and sweets during the nine months (why not milk it why you can), so we put together a candy buffet for her. I found color coordinating candy at Walmart that went with our colors. We had m&m's, sixlets, chocolate eggs, and a bowl of snickers and three musketeers (the future parents' favorites). You can also see a close up of the candles that we had all over the place. I thinly sliced limes and placed them in votive holders around the candle. There was a sweet citrus smell all night.

I found some inspiration from Martha Stewart that I thought would be easy to recreate. These little pom-poms! They were a little bit of fun and color over our buffet.

We also made a clothesline of little outfits for the girl. You'll see Ben's father, Doug, partaking in one of our games for the night of guess the baby food. Baskin Robbin's was our official sponsor of the evening as they donated all of our miniature spoons for the tasting. I also made a centerpiece for the coffee table filling baby bottles that featured little frogs (the new mother's favorite animal) with sand and a single calla Lily in each.

Here is our buffet for the evening. I figured with the boys there we needed to have more than just snacks, and had a taco buffet. It was a little tough as the new mother is allergic to gluten and we wanted to make sure that she would be able to eat everything that we had there. I made a bunch of calls and emails to companies asking if their products were gluten free and surprising heard back from almost everybody.

Ben and I love to play games, so of course a party that we were planning wouldn't be complete with out one. We scoured the internet looking for a not-so-lame game that would be enjoyed by both male and female alike. We found one! A drinking game. After all, what would a baby shower be without one. Haha. We had a race to see who could chug a bottle the fastest. You'll see the new mom here, and that's her father in the background who bit off the top for his to come pouring out. Maybe he can teach his new granddaughter to do the same. It would sure make feeding time go alot quicker, I'm sure.

Here's everyone else joining in on the fun. Oh the priceless memories of your new family enjoying a drinking game together.
I certainly had a good time and it looks like everyone else did as well.

And even the guys didn't mind getting dragged into this one.

We certainly had a blast planning and having it.

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Ben said...

Surprising to me this party was actually fun to plan. Now I do have to admit that Tracie did do most of the planning and work, but I tried to help wherever I could. I would recommend having a co-ed show. They are a little different and can be a lot of fun.