Monday, December 14, 2009

A Master's Retreat!

We've done many things that have updated almost every room in our house EXCEPT our master bedroom. According to HGTV, that always seems to be the last place to be updated even though it's where we spend the majority of our time while at home. I've bought and returned about 10 different comforters. I just can't find the perfect one. BUT!!!! On our honeymoon we got some inspiration. While on our cruise we attended an art auction, mainly for the free champagne, but we were sucked in. The auctioneer educated us about the artists and the significance of the art that was being sold through out the afternoon. It was so interesting that we actually bought a piece! It was an autographed picture of Muhammad Ali getting punched out by some random person that ALMOST beat him. I know what your thinking, how romantic could a boxing picture be right above the bed. Well besides making me swoon, Ben just had to have it down stairs. Luckily, when we were telling them where to ship it, we informed them of the wonderous occasion that had taken place just a few days prior and they gave us a picture free!!! It was an Emile Bellet

I just love the colors of it along with the movement that he put into it. Every time I look at it, I just get taken away out to sea and fall back into our honeymoon state of mind. Now, what could be better inspiration for a master bedroom than our honeymoon. But what to do with it. It has such vivid and bright colors, I can't just throw all of those colors in there. It would look like a kindergarten went crazy in there. So I was stuck again... Until I found an amazing picture of what Candice Olson called "Caribbean Nights" !

I just loved the calmness that I felt when I saw this picture. Even though the bed is massive, the ivory bedspread felt light and airy ( the cloud background might have helped that effect a little as well). So I went looking for something that would give me the same feelings, along with something that wouldn't be the Candice Olson price.

I just loved this West Elm comforter once I saw it on my friend Kaylee's bed. I asked to steal her idea, and what else could she do since I let her steal my reception location for hers as well. The blue blanket I actually bought from Pottery Barn on clearance and had a monogram embroidered on it and the pillows. The chair is from Ikea, and the table from Walmart. I have the little flower votive holders on order from Zgallerie on clearance. I also ran out of work to go pick up two of the lamps from Pier 1 that were on clearance as well. The mirrored table is adorable, but haven't put in the order as of yet. I would definately have to get a better looking alarm clock. I wouldn't want to put my ugly white one on top of this beautiful table. I'm now on the hunt for a little rug that I could place under the chair and table along with a few extra decorative pillows. I'm thinking about pulling out my DIY hands and making a few of the pillows that are seen in the inspiration picture.

So there you have it! Hopefully our new master bedroom. I'll post pics once I start putting everything together. Stay tuned.

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