Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What To Do With My Basement: Finale!!!

Ever feel like you were in a cave? Well, you might have been in my basement then. It was a brown dirt color all over that did nothing but be a constant reminder that you were underground. Awhile ago I posted a group of basement moodboards when we were debating which color to cover up our cave like walls, and it was unanimous that we should wash away the dirt with Olympic's rain cloud. After only a week of painting I'm now able to show off our new basement!

It's SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! Here you see my remake of my Crate and Barrel Pics, along with my recently updated lamp. I got this lamp my junior year in college and it used to look black with red lamp shades. I spray painted it using Rustoleum's chrome metallic spray paint. I was so happy with how it came out considering all of the floor lamps I had been looking at were so similar and were at a pretty penny cost and definately out of our budget.

Here is our bar down here.

And our Muhammed Ali punch out pic that we won on our honeymoon's Art Auction.

And my own creation of DIY canvas art here.

Here is our console table with our on the cheap holiday decor. The glass apocethary jars I got for $5 each at TJ Maxx ( a jewel in our city I never realized existed) and got the silver ornaments at Hobby Lobby at 50% off. The word art I made describing different places that meant a lot to Ben and I which I wrote about here. What is in that humongous shell you say? Well let me show you...

Why more shells! After painting my lamp I decided to DIY some silver shells that I saw for $10 a piece. So I dug out some old shells that I had and painted away, and now I have this.

Well that is my newly decorated basement. There's no more caves and only light and bright cloudy days from here on out.

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