Monday, January 18, 2010

Party like it's 1999, Oh wait we're still in 80's

What that song is now over 10 years old? How? What in the world? Where did all of the years go? Our house is saying just the same. Our lovable house has finally came out of it's teen years and has now reached the big 2-0! Although most of us are able to change our own style as we become older, our poor house was stuck with waiting for its owners to do it for him. We heard that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, and since we won't be living in this house forever, we figured we'd better do what we can to help out our stuck in the 80's old house. We finally took the punge and began to update one of our bathrooms. But bathrooms can get expensive you know, so we chose our smallest bathroom to get our feet wet. Our little powder room was the first thing to get our little mark.
Yes that's me reflecting in the mirror. Sorry I couldn't avoid that.

We have since changed out the toilet flusher with matching bronze handle as well. So our bathroom is now super happy to be back in the year 2010.

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