Sunday, January 17, 2010

Styling the Office

Does anybody have an office that seems like it's just a dumping ground for everything that has no other place to go? Well that is certainly how our office has turned out. And since we have our laptop that we haul around the house we don't go up to the office that often. When we do go up there it's usually a scene of Ben sitting at the desk, me sitting on the floor since we have to no other chairs up there, and Autumn finding something on the ground to use as her next toy. Well we are now on the move to creating a place where we would love to hang out, read a book ( that would be the day, I'm pretty sure Ben would die the day that he saw me reading a book), or maybe just get me off the floor. We finally found some handsome leather club chairs that we thought would look great in our office.

So I hauled Ben clear across town twice in a day to check them out and then again to haul them home. Here they are in all of their lovely glory. My lovely  husband was dreading and agonizing over the box stating "ASSEMBLY REQUIRED." Little did he know that it would take him all of about 10 minutes to simply screw on the legs. Well this is the start to hopefully a wonderful room that we will actually inhabit, instead of just a dropping ground for all of our things.

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Emily said...

Hi Tracie! That mirrored chest is from ZGallerie (and I wish it was cheap because I'd own it in a heartbeat!) and that black end table I found at Walmart.