Sunday, September 27, 2009

Craigslist Find Made Fabulous!

We want our guest bedroom to be like a chic Paris hotel room. A mix of vintage and modern to make a incredibly luxurious and stylish place to get away. But as pretty much everybody is these days I'm trying to decorate our new house under a major budget. Craigslist is definitely a major help for kids like us. I found an incredibly gaudy gold mirror for $5 that I was able to see as something different. I got my inspiration from ZGallery with this mirror.
It is a very vintage Victorian design, but the black modernizes it to make it chic. After painting the gaudy gold frame a with a glossy black spray paint. It came out pretty close to the inspiration.

And here it is put up in the room. You can see our vertical stripes that we painted after being inspired by the kids over at Young House Love. What do you think? To vintage for you? Let me know.

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